Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Importance of Chewing Foods Slowly

Coming to the dinner table or having meal after a workout session seems one of the biggest attractions for you in any given day. Now, you may have a resolve to stick to the healthy foods only but one of the most important things to be taken into consideration is regarding the way you eat your food. The way you chew your food may not seem like something you should draw your entire focus on but it’s the fact that the way you chew your food actually plays fair role in your oral and overall health.

Purpose of chewing
Chewing foods is the part of nature of every animal that has teeth. The main purpose of chewing is to break down the foods into smaller and more digestible particles which would find no hurdle in passing through the digestive systems in order to get included in the metabolic systems. In today’s age, the foods are tender enough to make chewing easy, but there chewing foods well is still very much important. There are some benefits of chewing foods that are worth knowing.
  • When you start chewing your food, the body response signals the stomach to get ready for digestion process. This response also helps in production of more saliva so that the chewing process could be aided well. The stomach gets relaxed prior to its processing.
  • When you chew your food slowly, your stomach gives signal to the brain about its repletion although you would not have eaten that much. A study suggests that you require reduced intake of foods between the meals if you chew slowly. It means that you can find great help from chewing slowly if you want to get rid of overeating problem.
  • When you eat your foods, a lot of food particles tend to remain in your mouth. Hence, your teeth mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria. When you chew the food slowly, you get more saliva produced in your mouth. Thus, there will be quite fewer food particles left in your mouth. After food intake, you will simply have to rinse your mouth and that’s it.

How to chew the foods properly?
There is no standard way about how to chew the foods properly. You just have to chew the foods for longer time in your mouth. When you feel that the food has become more like a thick paste, you can swallow it. This way, your stomach will be able to process your food quite well.

As mentioned above, chewing food properly will not only help your digestive system’s health but your oral health is also going to take huge benefit from it. You can discuss about it while at your dentist’s office.

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